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Lisa Howard Edward Grosek

Lisa Howard

Edward Grosek

Published August 24th 2009
ISBN : 9781448992881
238 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Lisa Howard is a story of deception, enticement, and murder. Lisa, a librarian, and Bruce, a car mechanic, confect a scheme to enable Bruce to delude and seduce a high school girl. Bruce succeeds. He continues debauching the girl and persuading her into yet another extravagant act to surpass their previous ones. When he brags to Lisa of the excess to which he means to submit the girl at their next assignation, Lisa realizes that he will expose the girl?literally?to the public and ruin her. Lisa becomes appalled and frightened- she entreats Bruce to stop, but he refuses. She asks her former boyfriend, Louis, for help. Louis devises a fiendish plan to trap and kill Bruce and frame an innocent man for the murder. Louis? plan includes leaving a piece of evidence, a piece of Lisas personal property, at the crime scene that throws the blame from her to the innocent man. He blandishes and browbeats her into carrying out the plan.