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The God Boy Ian Cross

The God Boy

Ian Cross

Published 1962
190 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

At the age of thirteen, Jimmy looks back to when he was eleven years old, and the traumatic events that resulted in him being where he is today, his permanent home, a Catholic boarding school.At the age of eleven Jimmy lives with his parents in the New Zealand town of Raggleton (perhaps based on Ian Cross home town of Wanganui?). He is loved by both parents, but his mother and father constantly argue, a situation Jimmy considers as not unusual until he sees how the parents of his friend behave towards one another. Eventually the situation between his parents reaches a dramatic climax, and while at the time only partially aware of events this profoundly affects Jimmy causing to act very much out of character.Jimmy looks back at events with the eye of the now more mature thirteen year old boy - although still clearly a youth from his expressions - trying to distance himself from events by protesting he does not care, while clearly he cares very much. Along the way he frequently reconsiders his relationship with God, often blaming him for what happens.This is a captivating novel- Jimmy immediately wins one over which makes his trauma all the more affecting, a very rewarding read.