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Whatever Will Be... or Not D Kelly Yannucci

Whatever Will Be... or Not

D Kelly Yannucci

Published August 1st 2014
ISBN : 9781312254855
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 About the Book 

Grace Collin is a beautiful, painfully honest Psychology student in Connecticut that tries to combine her love of cooking with counseling. She struggles with classes, work and tries to find love in between, in this time she makes mistakes and although she can help others- she cant help herself. This book is for everyone that has had a good or bad affair. She stumbles through some poor choices and loses in love until shed ready to give up. Grace and her best friend Alan travel cross country to Colorado Springs to start fresh only to be separated by death and rape. Alan finds a new life in his past and Grace discovers a way to accept, forgive and move forward. She loses family but uncovers her parents secrets and a sister she never knew about. After finally facing some hard facts about herself- perfectionist, impatiences, and fear of failing... she learns she can succeed.