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Sambadrama: The Arena Of Brazilian Psychodrama Adam (FWD) Blatner

Sambadrama: The Arena Of Brazilian Psychodrama

Adam (FWD) Blatner

Published January 1st 2006
ISBN : 9781843103639
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 About the Book 

There are more active practitioners and teachers of psychodrama in Brazil than anywhere else in the world, with their own strong sense of community, history and tradition. In selecting and translating their best work (Adam Blatner), Zoltan Figusch offers international readers an extensive overview of the work being done using this psychotherapeutic method, which enables participants to examine relationships, emotions, fears and conflicts through spontaneous role-play and improvisations with other actors and with the practitioner. Divided into the three parts, the book sets the context for Brazilian psychodrama, explores the creative and innovative work that is being done, and presents observations and examples of the full range of psychodramatic techniques and practical applications. It covers the range of exciting and pioneering work being carried out in Brazil, and will serve as a building block for the exchange and communication of psychodramatic ideas and techniques cross-culturally. The first comprehensive volume of its kind on this subject, Sambadrama will be an invaluable resource and of immense interest for psychodrama practitioners around the world, as well as anyone with an interest in psychotherapy, psychology and sociology.