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House Arrest R. Nutt

House Arrest

R. Nutt

Kindle Edition
35 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The first time I saw him, I knew I wanted him for myself.But to my bitter disappointment, a Vegas wedding officially made Ryan the man of the house. He might be an FBI agent, but I cant accept his authority -- at least, not while Im still pining for him, and imagining all the trouble Id love to get into with him.When I got the house to myself over graduation weekend, I threw a wild party that quickly spiraled completely out of control. Then Ryan came home unexpectedly, and he couldnt believe that I had so many people breaking the law in our house.I said I was sorry, but he didnt believe I truly meant it. So he decided to teach me a lesson the hard way, and arrest me himself. Will Ryan really take me in?Id love to tell you more about what happened next, but its too taboo, too forbidden to say! Youll have to click LOOK INSIDE to get a sneak peak!